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TracCollar is a Comfortable Traction Collar Designed for Neck Pain Relief

Elegant, comfortable, portable, and is a traction device providing superior control and ease of use.

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TracCollar Small (14-16") - $54.99
TracCollar Large (16-18") - $54.99

TracCollar is available in 2 sizes. Measure your neck circumference in the middle, or some use their shirt collar size: Regular (Red): 14" to 16" (35.5cm to 40.6cm) & Large (blue) 16" to 18" (40.6cm to 45.7cm). If you fall between sizes, choose the large TracCollar size.

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Easy to use home neck traction device!

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The neck or cervical spine is vulnerable to conditions that cause pain and reduce motion. Neck pain often results from poor posture habits when working or sleeping in an awkward position, muscle strain injuries, joint irritation, stress & tension, headaches, arthritis or bulging, herniated discs. TracCollar may help you to improve your posture and provide neck pain relief by gently lifting the weight of your head off of your neck and shoulders providing neck traction, which acts as a decompression force in the cervical spine.

TracCollar Benefits

For those whom experience arthritis with pain in the neck and shoulders, TracCollar, a therapeutic neck traction collar, will help to take pressure of gravity off the stiff and painful joints in comfort and hekp to improve mobility of cervical spine. TracCollar is an air powered neck traction collar which helps relieve downward pressure on cervical spine discs, thereby removing compressive forces which helps to reduce herniations, disc protrusions, bulges and ease the pain of pinched nerves and associated symptoms, which can cause the pain to radiate into the shoulder, arm and hand. By decreasing pressure, it also improves the blood flow to the neck, shoulders and arms, which can lead to reduced tension and promote healing, as well as relax muscles.

tracCollar comes in an easy to carry, protective carry case

TracCollar is operated by 2 hand held inflation bulbs that are easy on the hand to pump - only 15 pumps to full traction. A great feature for those with hand arthritis! Each hand pump inflates one side of the collar and then both combined create an upward pressure on the head, providing traction and relieving pressure from compressed discs, pinched nerves, irritated joints and stiff muscles - a major cause of neck pain.

You are under complete control of neck traction, customizing the level of traction force through inflation and are able to precisely control the amount of traction for both the right and left side of the neck. This provides an advantage over other types of inflatable traction devices and allowing more or less traction to be applied to a specific side, which can be beneficial iwith different types of disc herniations, arthritic formations as well as accomodating scoliosis conditions.

The TracCollar is easy to use and provides a feeling of security, warmth, support and comfort. Just place the TracCollar neck traction collar around your neck, buckle closed, adjust snugly by fastening two velcro straps in the back and it's ready to use. Air can be controlled and released from the TracCollar by simply pressing the release button valve on each pump.

Forget electrical cords, different pieces to attach, no heavy and messy water bags that are tied to a door with pulleys, or uncomfortable halters commonly seen with many home neck traction products. The TracCollar is easy to use, comfortable, safe and effective. Recommended by medical doctors, physical therapists & chiropractors as an effective home treatment or for continued in office therapy in the comfort of your own home, office or when traveling.

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TracCollar Details

The TracCollar measures 4.5 inches in height, inflates to 5.5 inches for the Regular & 6 inches for the Large. It provides 40 pounds of traction force for the small and 45 for the large size. It is FDA registered.

TracCollar Uses

It can be used when watching TV, using a computer at home or work, standing, sitiing and lying down (with a pillow under the head). Because it is compact and lightweight, it is great for use when traveling, so you do not have to go without neck pain relief on the road. TracCollar provides support like a collar, which aids stability of the cervical spine and the traction is wonderful and relaxing for tense muscles, while the dual action pump regulates traction force to a specific side (left or right) if needed or prescribed.

TracCollar Instructions

Therapeutic Neck Traction for Neck Pain Relief

1) Place the TracCollar on your neck with the opening in the back and the inflation bulbs in the front. Place your chin in the groove at the front of the collar.

2) Fasten and adjust the traction collar with the buckles and velcro closures. The collar should only rest against the front and back of the neck. The ends of collar may not necessarily touch, however, the bladders will still inflate the device evenly.

3) To use while sitting, your head should be in a level position facing forward. For use lying down, a pillow is recommended.

4) Inflate the TracCollar by pumping the bulbs until a light stretch is felt in your neck, adjusting the right and left sides by inflating the appropriate bulb to find the perfect level of neck traction. The bulbs should not be pumped more than 15 times on either side.

5) When finished, press the valves to release the air pressure and remove collar.

6) Not for recent sprains and/or strains, neck injury or acute conditions. If you feel light headed, dizzy, nauseous or experience any pain, discontinue use.

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TracCollar’s design was developed by orthopedic engineers in Sweden for a better, more comfortable neck traction experience. The collar is constructed of special foam supports, while the inflatable bladders between the foam pieces contain natural rubber latex. The fabric covering is made of durable, yet comfortable tricot with 97% cotton and 3% lycra. TracCollar allows effective traction treatment options in your daily care for neck pain relief.

The TracCollar is a portable neck traction collar with inflatable bulbs that gently stretch the cervical spine, relaxing stiff neck muscles and decompressing joints and discs for neck pain relief. It has been carefully developed by experts to provide comfortable, effective daily treatment for many neck sonditions in your home, office or when you travel. TracCollar is constructed of lightweight foam inserts, orthopedically designed to contour the head and chin. It does not require complicated assembly or batteries.

Can TracCollar Help?

Traction is a recognized method of tratment used by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors to pull the neck slightly, providing traction for neck pain relief.

TracCollar comfortably lifts the weight of your head, approximately 10 - 12 pounds, from your neck, and can be inflated further to help safely stretch neck muscles and spinal discs. It also helps to promote circulation beneficial to healing through the neck, head and arms.

    TracCollar may help with:

  • Tension and stiffness in neck and shoulders
  • Sore neck and shoulders
  • Headaches from neck tension & stress
  • Stiff neck muscles
  • Disc problems
  • Numbness, tingling, weakness, cold sensation in the arms and/or hands
  • Pinched nerves in the neck causing radiating pain
  • Poor posture from work, aging, injuries and bad habits
  • Stress causing neck and shoulder tension
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Repetitive injuries in the upper arm
  • Bursitis, tendonitis and osteoarthritis in the neck

tracCollar quality design

Please note:

  1. We only warranty TracCollars purchased directly from Make sure you have a new, original TracCollar.
  2. collars are tested and sealed prior to shipping
  3. TracCollar is considered a personal item that comes in contact with skin and hair. Due to Federal and State health regulations, TracCollar is not returnable unless defective.
  4. Please start out using light traction and progress slowly. No more than 15 pumps per side.
  5. Not for recent sprains/strains, injuries or acute conditions.
  6. If you need an air powered traction collar with more pounds of traction force, or if your neck is smaller or larger than the TracCollar sizes, please visit the Air Neck Traction website.

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